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This webpage "" is developed by Nicholson and Cates Forest Products to bring you the best deals in forest products. Nicholson and Cates has been supplying forest products throughout North America for over 75 years.

We strive to provide the complete solution for all of our customers lumber needs. Our founding principles of providing competitive pricing, quality lumber and reliable service are some of the reasons for our long-term success.

We have 3 different lumber distribution centers and re-manufacturing facilities located throughout the US and Canada. We can service all of North America by rail car and over 2/3 of the continent efficiently by truck(see our shipping zones for more information).

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Having problems getting the material you need, or looking for a cheaper pallet or crating solution? Looking for better consistent quality?
Contact: Morgan Wellens Toll Free: 1-800-650-0032 for more information.
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